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Mental Health Monday: What Is Codependency?

I don't know how to hold my identity within myself. Instead, I draw it from others.

My High Sensitivity
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Sensitivity is a Spectrum- Well, Actually Multiple Spectrums

When I first heard of the term "highly sensitive person," I took the quiz developed by Dr. Elaine Aron and I actually scored fairly low. Still within bounds to be considered highly sensitive, but not by as much as I would have guessed. I assumed this meant I was simply less sensitive than I thought,… Continue reading Sensitivity is a Spectrum- Well, Actually Multiple Spectrums

Emotional hypervigilance and sensitivity
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High Sensitivity, Emotional Hypervigilance, and My Eroded Sense of Self

I have always been a very sensitive person, and after years of hearing how my emotions were excessive or dramatic or “wrong,” I developed a coping mechanism: always be aware of how others are feeling.