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Mental Health Monday: What Is Codependency?

I don't know how to hold my identity within myself. Instead, I draw it from others.

My High Sensitivity
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Sensitivity is a Spectrum- Well, Actually Multiple Spectrums

When I first heard of the term "highly sensitive person," I took the quiz developed by Dr. Elaine Aron and I actually scored fairly low. Still within bounds to be considered highly sensitive, but not by as much as I would have guessed. I assumed this meant I was simply less sensitive than I thought,… Continue reading Sensitivity is a Spectrum- Well, Actually Multiple Spectrums

HSP tips for surviving an argument with a partner
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5 Tips to Help the Highly Sensitive Person Survive an Argument with Their Partner

Disagreement can be painful for HSPs, but there are ways to work with your high sensitivity and have healthy, helpful arguments with your partner.

Emotional hypervigilance and sensitivity
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High Sensitivity, Emotional Hypervigilance, and My Eroded Sense of Self

I have always been a very sensitive person, and after years of hearing how my emotions were excessive or dramatic or “wrong,” I developed a coping mechanism: always be aware of how others are feeling.