Life in your 20s
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Life In Your 20s Is Just Being Violently Thrown Back and Forth Between Thriving and Surviving

I’m beginning to think that this is just what life in your 20s is like. Instability, chaos, and an intense love-hate relationship with your daily reality.

Emerging adulthood
20-something miseries, quizzes, things you might find funny

Quiz! What Kind of Emerging Adult Are You?

As someone in this stage of life, I would describe it as both invigoratingly free and crushingly intense. It's a mix of really good and really bad mixed in with just enough mundanity to make you feel like you're wasting your life.

Tools in a workshop
20-something miseries

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: How Much Are You Supposed to Put Up With Before it Counts as a Problem?

When to quit your job, when to go to the doctor (physical or mental), when to apologize vs. when to fight, and when you’re entitled to a freakout vs. when you’re supposed to keep it together.

Two kids sitting in a field with a phone pretending to be adults
20-something miseries, things you might find funny

Drinking Water is Hard, And Other Reasons I’m Not a Real Adult

I’m learning how to do things for myself. With no one watching, no one counting on me, just…doing it because it needs done, because it’s part of being healthy and happy and successful.

Woman scared she might be pregnant (not me!)
20-something miseries, things you might find funny

Pregnancy Scares in Your 20s Are Weird

I would adjust. That’s what I keep telling my baby that I feel terrible for hoping isn’t there. "I will love being your mom, it just wasn’t the plan right now so I’m freaking out. Mommy does that a lot. But she loves you."