Writer in a coffee shop with coffee
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How to Look Like a Real Writer at a Coffee Shop

Whenever I put on my combat boots and layer a chunky sweater over a sundress, I hear a little voice in my head all day long that says “Fuck yeah, I am providing a valuable service because I have a marketable skill.” You just don’t get that vibe from your underwear (or maybe you do, in which case, kudos).

Sparkly dungeons and dragons dice
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6 Reasons Why Dungeons and Dragons Was Not Meant for Writers

I get to hang out in a bar with my friends once a week, and I roll sparkly pink dice to determine if I successfully shoot a demon through its nonexistent heart, which is exactly the kind of femme fatale shit I’m looking for. But as a writer, I’ve noticed that my personality is not always overly compatible with D&D.

Woman scared she might be pregnant (not me!)
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Pregnancy Scares in Your 20s Are Weird

I would adjust. That’s what I keep telling my baby that I feel terrible for hoping isn’t there. "I will love being your mom, it just wasn’t the plan right now so I’m freaking out. Mommy does that a lot. But she loves you."