Emerging adulthood
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Quiz! What Kind of Emerging Adult Are You?

As someone in this stage of life, I would describe it as both invigoratingly free and crushingly intense. It's a mix of really good and really bad mixed in with just enough mundanity to make you feel like you're wasting your life.

Communal living
20-something miseries, advice, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense, things you might find funny

How I Deal with People’s Reactions to My Communal Living Situation

Communal living is making a comeback, but when people find out I live with my in-laws, I get a lot of different reactions, from pity to horror. People simply can’t understand why—or how—my husband and I do it.

Dungeons and dragons critical fail
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How the Party Torched the Campaign (Literally)—And How the DM Saved the Day: Part One

Some other party members were foolish like me, others had good ideas but rolled poorly, but no matter what the characters tried to do, it did not go well.

Two kids sitting in a field with a phone pretending to be adults
20-something miseries, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense, things you might find funny

Drinking Water is Hard, And Other Reasons I’m Not a Real Adult

I’m learning how to do things for myself. With no one watching, no one counting on me, just…doing it because it needs done, because it’s part of being healthy and happy and successful.

Writer in a coffee shop with coffee
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How to Look Like a Real Writer at a Coffee Shop

Whenever I put on my combat boots and layer a chunky sweater over a sundress, I hear a little voice in my head all day long that says “Fuck yeah, I am providing a valuable service because I have a marketable skill.” You just don’t get that vibe from your underwear (or maybe you do, in which case, kudos).