How to be honest in therapy
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Tips for Being Honest in Therapy on HealthyPlace

There are lots of other reasons people (including me) struggle to be honest in therapy, and I tried to address some of them at the beginning of this article, but the majority of it is focused on advice for moving forward and being as honest as you can be.

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21 Days of CO-Washing Ultra Fine Hair

CO-washing is conditioner only washing, where you cut out shampoo completely in order to protect your hair's natural oils. There are all kinds of benefits to reducing your shampoo usage, but the one that caught my eye is increased hair growth.

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How to Start Working Out More: Advice From Someone Who Would Rather Set Herself on Fire Than Go for a Run

I’ve been working out consistently like this for 4 months now, and that’s absolutely huge for me. So how exactly did I turn things around? I found better reasons to go to the gym.

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How to “Break Up” With Your Therapist

Unlike a romantic breakup, your relationship with your therapist is all about you, so if it isn’t working, you should explore other options.

How to find a therapist good signs and red flags
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How to Find a Therapist Part Three: Good Signs and Red Flags

The people who love us are not qualified therapists, so when we express thoughts that might not make sense to them, especially self-deprecating thoughts, they might brush them off or even get upset with us. If you go to therapy and feel like those thoughts are finally being heard and taken seriously, this can help in unimaginable ways.