The grief of unexpected pregnancy
20-something miseries, being a woman, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense

The Grief of Unexpected Pregnancy

I am well past the age where it’s socially acceptable to feel like your life is ending because of a positive pregnancy test, but I’ll admit that I truly felt like everything was coming crashing down.

Emerging adulthood
20-something miseries, quizzes, things you might find funny

Quiz! What Kind of Emerging Adult Are You?

As someone in this stage of life, I would describe it as both invigoratingly free and crushingly intense. It's a mix of really good and really bad mixed in with just enough mundanity to make you feel like you're wasting your life.

Communal living
20-something miseries, advice, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense, things you might find funny

How I Deal with People’s Reactions to My Communal Living Situation

Communal living is making a comeback, but when people find out I live with my in-laws, I get a lot of different reactions, from pity to horror. People simply can’t understand why—or how—my husband and I do it.

Sapling of emotional object permanence
20-something miseries, advice, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense, mental health

What is Emotional Object Permanence, and Why Can’t I Figure It Out??

Whatever emotion I’m feeling completely consumes my present, but it also traces my steps to color the past, and it reaches forward to shape my view of the future. I have absolutely no emotional object permanence.

20-something miseries, advice, being a writer, megan sorts through her own emotional nonsense, mental health

Today’s Hard-Won Lesson in Self-Care

To everybody out there struggling to take care of themselves, to get their work done, to take a shower, to get out of bed, to breathe in and out, I get it and I’m with you. We can get better at this self-care stuff together.

How to find a therapist good signs and red flags
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How to Find a Therapist Part Three: Good Signs and Red Flags

The people who love us are not qualified therapists, so when we express thoughts that might not make sense to them, especially self-deprecating thoughts, they might brush them off or even get upset with us. If you go to therapy and feel like those thoughts are finally being heard and taken seriously, this can help in unimaginable ways.