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24 TikToks To Watch While You Wait for Your Copy of White Fragility to Come In

If you’re like me, you are seeing all of the upheaval going on right now, feeling very underprepared for the revolution you’ve been jokingly-but-dear-God-please posting about for years now, so you’re doing everything you can to read more about racial inequality and the history of white supremacy in America, but everyone else had the same idea so all of the library’s e-books and audio books are on hold for weeks, and now you’re just here, wondering how you can learn in the meantime.

I’m a major bookworm and I think there’s a lot to be gained from the longform structure of books, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have access to other sources of education. Social media is actually an incredible source of information, both to teach us about our country’s history, and to teach us (white people and non-Black POC) about the day-to-day reality of Black people in America right now.

Plus, making the conscious decision to include a variety of voices in your feed is absolutely essential, especially during this pandemic. Our social media feeds are now our main source of social interaction, and when you only follow people who look like you, it’s easy to believe that your reality is everyone’s reality. When you make an effort to include other voices in your daily feeds, you are exposed to other realities. You gain empathy, you gain perspective, and you have the ability to share those voices, to amplify their message.

I know it might seem silly to say that you can actually learn something by watching TikToks, but in reality, there are a lot of incredible Black content creators sharing everything from analyses of our current situation to tips for actually making a change to hilarious, ridiculous, classic TikToks.

So, without further ado, here are 24 TikToks from Black creators that you need to see right now.

1. One Person Really Does Make a Difference

In Illinois, one person is protesting all by herself for Black Lives Matter, and she’s receiving a lot of hate for it. But look at what a difference it makes for @thefrogprince. One person really can make an impact.

2. “Our Methods Are Working”


This isn’t even a full list of the progress we are making. Keep fighting the good fight! Keep showing up for black people ✊🏿 #fyp #blm

♬ original sound – mistercapehart

It’s really easy to feel hopeless right now, especially if this is your first real foray into how fucked up things are for Black folks in America, but like @mistercapehart says, these protests and riots are getting results, and that is something to celebrate.

3. Remember That Stats Can Be Manipulated


About y’alls favorite “statistics“ 🙄

♬ original sound – rynnstar

Statistics are meant to be a tool for communication, but when it comes to POC, they are used as weapons to deceive and misdirect white people. Don’t be fooled. Listen to @rynnstar.

4. Add a Shot of Espresso, This Is The Revolution

@unpaulished says if you’re already getting tired from all of the strain from fighting for Black rights, it’s time to add another shot of espresso to your coffee, because we are not done until everyone is protected and valued.

5. Everyone Is Showing Up


Everyone showing up to these black lives matter protest like: #comedy

♬ original sound – kevante1

@kevante1 shows off how many different groups are coming together for these protests, from the Amish to witches to coronavirus (remember that asshole?)

6. What Is Eurocentric History?


I didn’t even mention how they smuggled crack in our community then waged a war on “drugs” #blacklivesmatter #ally #visionary🌱🌍

♬ original sound – tickteachtok

If you want to be an ally, but often feel like you don’t know what to say, you HAVE to check out @tickteachtok.

7. Sit In Discomfort

Do not hide from your discomfort. You should be uncomfortable with the dehumanization of an entire group of people. You should be uncomfortable with this video from @gondrethewordsmith.

8. “Stay Safe”

“Every Black man has that feeling of ‘Am I gonna come home today?'” @skoodupcam

9. Stop Using MLK to Justify Your Racism

@mistercapehart, at it again with the facts.

10. Connecting with Black Comic Artists


If I show up on your for you page, consider sticking around! It’ll be worth it! #blm #iamblack #blacklivesmatter #imblack #blackvoicesheard #fyp

♬ original sound – ohheydj

If you’re looking for more Black comic artists to follow, check out @ohheydj.

11. Take a Breather From All the Trauma In Your Feed


#greenscreen Hope this helps, I know I definitely needed some good news with all the racism and homophobia going on. #gay #black #news #good #postive

♬ original sound – milomoody7

Take a positivity break with @milomoody7.

12. Innocent Protester Gets Shot In The Face Because FUCK The Police


everyone’s peaceful except the police …. IF YALL STAND FOR SOMETHING GO OUT AND SHOW US #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #blm #JUSTICE

♬ original sound – bbyzeelee

Video after video shows that the police are instigating the violence at these protests by doing things like this, by shooting people like @bbyzeelee in the face.

13. Don’t Be a White Moderate. Be a White Accomplice.

Stop. Using. MLK. To. Defend. Your. Comfort. Instead. Of. Black. Lives. @a.j.lastname.

14. Racism Is Trauma

Listen to @waynefeltonii‘s experience with racism day in and day out and how exhausting it truly is.

15. Colorism Is a Thing We Need To Learn About Too

Colorism is another huge aspect of racism that we need to be learning about, as @human_espresso so eloquently explains.

16. Racism In Musical Theater

You know how assholes always fight affirmative action by saying “the best person” should get the job? Yeah, here’s a great example from @mona.swain about how POC are pigeonholed and often never get the chance to prove they’re the best person in the first place.

17. “I’m Black and I’m Proud- AAAHHHHH”

Spread smiles and Black pride with this adorable video from @shaunte_nj.

18. Learning to Adult


Adulting…. actual conversations with my mom! 🤣 #jumpman #may4th#mycrib #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – legallypretty

The true coming-of-age story: calling your mom 80 times a day to learn how to be an adult human, brought to you by @legallypretty.

19. How to Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important always, but especially right now, so here are some helpful tips from @khadaura.

20. Gen Z Is Coming For You Harold


And THAT’S on y’all raising your kids on the entire Marvel franchise. 💀💀💀💀 #fyp #genz

♬ original sound – emuhhhleebee

@emuhhhleebee might technically be a Millennial, but she is here for Gen Z.

21. Make This Makeup Look Blow Up

My dudes, this makeup look by @cocorayray95 is ETHEREAL, and she just wants a TikTok artist to immortalize it in a drawing! Let’s make it happen!

22. White People Need to Talk About Race Too

If you’re white and you feel like your perspective on race and racism doesn’t matter because we should be listening to POC instead, definitely check out @eight.great.danes.

23. Ben & Jerry’s Said FUCK White Supremacy


I will buy their overpriced ice cream until the day I die 🍦✊🏾 #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

Ben & Jerry’s does not fuck around, and no one has made that point quite as eloquently as @veesass.

24. We Must Support Each Other


Thank you for making a change in me and showing me that things can be different!! #blm #blacklivesmatter #NotOneThing #acab #fyp #hope #unity

♬ original sound – simba_reborn

Finally, if you’re white and you are taking the time to show that you truly believe that Black lives matter, through speaking out on social media, educating yourself on the realities of racism, or attending protests, your Black brothers and sisters like @simba_reborn see you, and appreciate that support.

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