Social distancing while in recovery
mental health

How to Practice Social Distancing Without Losing Your Mind

Today I want to share another one of my recent HealthyPlace posts (which includes a neat video!): How to Practice Social Distancing While In Recovery.

AKA, how to not lose your mind while cooped up in your house to avoid spreading coronavirus.

In my article, I focus on people in recovery because a big part of recovering from mental illness is learning how to reach out to others and avoid self-isolation. Of course, isolation is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing right now to avoid spreading coronavirus to vulnerable populations. So how can we keep recovering from our anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc. while all alone in our houses?

In my video/article, I outline three basic strategies:

  1. Video calls!!!
  2. Staying busy
  3. Avoiding overexposure to social media

You can find out more about these strategies by clicking the link above and watching the full video. Not sure how to occupy all your time now that you’re stuck in the house? Check back tomorrow for one interesting suggestion 😉

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