Distraction vs avoidance
mental health

Mental Health Monday: Distraction vs. Avoidance

I am a big believer in the power of distraction when it comes to coping with overwhelming emotions. For some of us, our emotions can become so big and unmanageable, that distracting ourselves from them is one of the only healthy ways to get through it. The trouble is, from there it becomes very easy to continue distracting ourselves more and more until we’re just straight up avoiding our problems. Which, of course, becomes its own problem.

But it really is possible to distract yourself from your distress without falling into patterns of avoidance. I am slowly but surely getting better at this, though I definitely still avoid my feelings sometimes. If you’d like a clearer picture of the differences between distraction and avoidance, or if you’re still unclear on how distraction can actually be a healthy coping mechanism, check out my latest HealthyPlace post Distraction vs Avoidance: How to Cope with Distress.

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