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How to Style a Pixie Cut When You Have Super Fine Hair and a Round Face

I wanted a pixie cut for years and years, but I was always too scared to get one because of my crazy thin, fine hair and my incredibly round face. But a few months ago while I was pregnant, I was feeling confident and bored, so I went for it. And my fears were totally baseless! For anyone else with fine hair and/or a round face, I am here to let you know that you can have a cute pixie cut! Plus, if you’re okay with the cute-messy look, they’re CRAZY easy to style too. To demonstrate, I photographed my styling process so you can follow along step by step. Let’s get started!

Step One: Wash

I always start the styling process by washing my hair. If you’ve read my CO-washing (conditioner only) post, you know I’m one of those people who just likes to shower every day. But also, fine hair has a habit of sticking every which way until it gets completely doused with water, so I’ve found that washing is a great way to get my hair to cooperate a bit better.

I usually use Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo because I love the scent and my hair is always dyed some crazy color, but right now I’m using Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Shampoo because I ran out of my Herbal Essences and it smelled even more amazing. (Yes, I base most of my hair care product decisions on scent, I can’t help it.) It doesn’t smell like much, but I also use Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner once or twice a week, just on my ends to make combing easier. It’s honestly the best conditioner I’ve ever owned, and it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair!

The first time I washed my hair after getting my pixie cut and I saw this in the mirror, I thought “There is no way this is going to style nicely. This was a massive mistake.” Fair warning, you may feel this way too. But keep reading! Truly, it is possible to tame this mess!

How to style a pixie cut step one
This is just…how my hair looks after getting out of the shower.

Step Two: Comb

Okay, the next step is to get a regular comb, and just pull through all that craziness. I highly recommend using some kind of detangling spray if you have fine hair, because otherwise you will rip your hair and create all kinds of split ends. I use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin and it’s the nicest detangler I’ve ever used, honestly. Usually combing through my hair brings tears to my eyes, it’s so painful, but with this leave-in spray, it’s nearly painless.

Again, after combing through my hair, I was like “Nope, nope, nope. This is never actually going to look good.” But I wouldn’t be sharing this with you if it didn’t end up cute in the end! Keep the faith and keep going!

How to style a pixie cut step two
Hi, I’m here to audition for the part of drowned rat.

Step Three: Mousse

Yes, I know gels and pomades are the “thing” now, and I understand that aerosol is bad for the environment, BUT if you have fine hair, mousse is really key. We need that light airiness to give us some volume. Gels and pomades are almost always too heavy. They end up dragging our ends down so that our hair gets plastered to our face (which is especially terrible for round faces, btw).

For this messy-cute style, I take about a quarter-sized amount of mousse and run it through my hair, sort of scrunching it as I go. The mousse in the picture is an ancient, discontinued Suave brand that I ran out of shortly after taking this photo. Now I use Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse because my hair has some natural wave, but it isn’t really curly. Also, when you add the mousse, don’t worry about it looking crazy, you want hair going every which way so it has some volume.

How to style a pixie cut step three
Yes, I know, it still isn’t looking great, but just two more steps and I promise it will look cute!

Step Four: Wait

This is the easiest step: just finish getting ready. Moisturize, put on makeup if you’re into that, have a cup of coffee, just find a way to occupy yourself for 20 minutes or so. If your hair is fine, but not like insanely fine, you may need to wait a bit longer, like 30 or 40 minutes. Basically you just need to wait until your hair feels at least 75% dry and is nice and crunchy (cute, I know).

Step Five: Brush

Okay, last step! I promise by the end of this, your hair will be cute! Once your hair has dried most of the way, take a bristle brush and fluff your hair. When I say fluff, I mean place the bristle brush against your scalp, and then pull it up or sideways. Just don’t pull it straight down through your hair, because you’ll flatten out all that nice volume the mousse created. A bristle brush is best because the fine bristles break up the crunchiness of the mousse without losing all the volume, but it can create a somewhat fuzzy look. If that bothers you, you could get an anti-frizz serum, but beware: serums tend to weigh down fine hair. I personally just embrace the frizz as part of the messy-cute look.

How to style a pixie cut step five
Ta-da! Messy-cute pixie cut with fine hair!

So there it is! My own little guide on how to style a pixie cut with super fine hair. I also think this style really works for round faces. I was worried a pixie cut would make my face look like a legit circle, but (in my opinion) it just make the circular nature of my face actually look like a good thing. Which is AWESOME. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my round face, and it’s really nice to actually like it.

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