mental health

Gratitude for My Recovery Progress This Year, on HealthyPlace

This week, I am really excited to share my latest video for HealthyPlace: Why I’m Grateful for My Recovery Progress This Year. Over the past year, I have grown in ways I used to think were totally impossible. I’ve acknowledged hurts I thought I had to ignore in order to survive. I’ve let go of coping mechanisms and beliefs that weren’t doing me any good. I mean, it hasn’t been perfect, I’ve had many freakouts and definitely still indulge in self-destructive habits sometimes, but I have definitely made strides toward recovery, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful. I’m grateful to my terrific therapist, my wonderful husband, my relentlessly supportive friends, and I’m grateful to myself, for doing this difficult work. What about you, are you grateful for your progress this year? Feel free to brag a bit in the comments, I want to hear about all your recovery wins!

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