How to process emotions
mental health

Processing Emotions vs. Reacting To Emotions, on HealthyPlace

Processing emotions is a daunting task when you’ve been reacting to your emotions your entire life, like I have. Usually, when I feel something unpleasant, I have a visceral, automatic reaction to try and get rid of that emotion. Typically I do this by replacing the original emotion with feelings of self-loathing, which is obviously not the healthiest response. I know it’s better to simply feel my feelings, but that is so much easier said than done. The truth is, my emotions feel…terrifying. I’m afraid to trust my reality and be myself, feelings and all. But I’m learning that reacting to my emotions doesn’t actually get rid of them or spare me from that fear, it just adds a layer of confusion and shame that doesn’t need to be there. If you can relate, check out my latest HealthyPlace article: How to Process Emotions Instead of Reacting to Them.

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