Halloween mental illness stigma
mental health, social justice

Halloween and Mental Illness Stigma, on HealthyPlace

Halloween is a great time for spooky fun, but too often, it is riddled with harmful depictions of mental illness. Have you ever been to an asylum-themed haunted house? Have you seen costumes like “escaped mental patient” or even “self-harm”? (Yes, somehow that really exists).

I get into more of the details of why many people feature mental illness in their Halloween celebrations and why that’s a problem in my latest HealthyPlace post, How to Avoid Harmful Mental Health Stigma This Halloween, but the gist is this: do not be an asshole to people who are already suffering. Mental illness is not a joke, costume, or “theme.” It is a hellish daily experience for millions of people. Flex that compassion muscle and find some other spooky things to make your Halloween fun for everyone this year.

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