mental health

How to “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway,” on HealthyPlace

This week, I wrote a HealthyPlace article that I think could really help a lot of people who get incredibly nervous and anxious about seemingly “small” things: 3 Tips to Help You “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway.”

I’ve heard this saying a lot, and I really like the idea of it, of not denying your emotions but not allowing them to control you and your life either, but actually doing it…that’s another story. Anxiety is powerful, it is physical and all-consuming and feeling it is already a Herculean task, let alone feeling it and then continuing on with daily life. But that’s honestly the best-case scenario for me, so I’m working on it. Some of my anxieties are never ever going away, and I’m learning that that’s okay. I just need to learn to deal with them, to accept them and keep living despite them. If you’re in the same boat, check out the HealthyPlace link above for some tips that can hopefully be helpful.

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