Toddler playing
20-something miseries

Life Update: Brought To You By Toddler Birthdays, Cottage Cheese, and 8 Million Appointments

This week I’ve had at least one appointment every. single. day. Therapy, ultrasounds, work interviews, you name it. Unfortunately, that means blog posts have not been at the top of my to-do list. So here we are, back to life updates.

The most exciting update is that today is my nephew’s 3rd birthday. He’s finally old enough to more or less understand what his birthday is, and it is precious. When I saw him today, he immediately informed me that he was not two anymore, he was three, and painstakingly held out three fingers. I swear my heart exploded. At dinner (we went to Frisch’s Big Boy, his favorite restaurant in the world), he ordered his own food and drink with lots of “ma’am”s and “thank you”s, and he told me all about moving up a level in swim lessons, and how he starts preschool next week. Having lived with this little man for a year, I like to think we have a special bond. He calls me “Auntie” and I call him “sir” and I simply cannot understand how he’s getting so big. I love that my husband and I have our own house now, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little sad to miss out on all the little details of his daily life.

In other, far less exciting news, I am feeling exceedingly pregnant these days. My hands are starting to swell enough that I’m looking into buying a silicone wedding band, my back hurts if I stay in any one position for too long, whether it’s standing, sitting, or even lying down the wrong way, and I am SO HUNGRY. I want brownies and cereal and sour candy and coffee and chicken and cottage cheese (which I got tonight at Frisch’s…hooray)…just, everything, all the time. I’m doing my best to eat when I’m hungry, but mainly stick to healthy options, but let’s be honest, I am failing pretty consistently at this point. The only way to keep me from inhaling all of my favorite foods is to not buy them, so I’m trying to lock myself away in the house as much as possible, but that’s been difficult since I have 8 million appointments to go to.

Overall, life has been really good lately. Chaotic and full of big changes, sure, but good in that way that makes your soul feel warm.

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