Fall playlists for the signs
20-something miseries

First Day of Fall Playlists for the Signs

Happy first day of fall everybody! I am all about the fall aesthetic, with the boots and scarves and apple cider and colorful leaves everywhere, just…aaahhhhhh!

To celebrate, I’ve created a playlist for each of the signs to listen to as they take a stroll through the park to look at the leaves, or sit outside at a cafe doing work, or sip hot apple cider in bed while reading a good book as the sun sets. Not sure what your sign is? Check out WhatIsMySign.net, they have a super simple tool on their main page where you simply enter your birthday and get your sign along with a brief description. Don’t feel like your playlist matches your sign? Feel free to check out the others! Especially the ones directly adjacent to your own — you may be a “cusp” sign with lots of traits from another adjacent sign. Okay, without further ado, get to listening and enjoying fall!













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