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The Life-Giving Power of Iced Coffee, As Told By GIFs

Usually, coffee’s magical, rejuvenating powers are attributed to the caffeine, but I would argue that there’s something more to it, because even I, a consistent decaf-drinker, feel the life-affirming effects of a really good cup of coffee. Especially iced coffee.

There is something about holding an iced coffee in my hand that makes me feel like a 6-foot-tall CEO in a power suit and 5-inch heels with perfectly manicured nails and a 6-figure salary, even when I’m really wearing stained leggings and only make 6 figures if you include the digits after the decimal point. Iced coffee brings out my inner productivity goddess, simply by existing in my hand.

I never feel as productive as I do when I have an iced coffee with me. But…am I actually more productive? Unfortunately, the overwhelming joy of feeling productive often prevents me from actually getting much done. It’s like simply embodying the iced coffee productivity aesthetic eats up too much energy to actually be productive. Whoops.

But honestly…I don’t even care. The life-giving powers of iced coffee are worth the dip in productivity. And that’s just if you’re getting iced coffee alone. Getting iced coffee with friends is one of the best bonding activities of the modern era.

Is anything as intimate as trying out a new coffee shop with a loved one, taking that leap into the unknown together? Can anything compare with a late-night run to your favorite coffee place, windows down and your best friend running of the aux cord? What better way is there to catch up with old friends than meeting for a delicious iced coffee and splitting a muffin?

You may think I’m exaggerating, but honestly, I am all about romanticizing my life. If something little makes you happy, then celebrate the crap out of that little thing. You only get one life, you might as well enjoy it talking shit with friends and feeling like an Amazonian power woman in your sweats.

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