Tidying, Parks & Rec, Gratitude
20-something miseries

Life Update: Brought to You by Tidying, Parks & Rec, and Gratitude

Hey everybody, I know I said I would hopefully be done with the short life update posts, but alas, here’s one more, because I’m beat.

Today I literally just focused all my energy on getting our house back to livable condition. We’ve been so busy doing so many other non-negotiable, important adulting things that keeping the house tidy completely went out the window, and it was starting to get out of hand. Some of it is simply a necessary evil of painting the nursery, since we can’t have furniture in there in case of drips or spills, but the rest was just the result of our being too tired at the end of every day to do anything about our rapidly deteriorating living situation. So today, I fixed that. It isn’t perfect, I still haven’t done the dishes, but our kitchen table is usable again, you can easily walk around the living room, and our bed is made and our clothes are picked up. It’s amazing what a difference a tidy living space can make on your whole mindset about life. I feel so much better being able to sit in my living room without seeing 80 things that need picked up or put away. Still, it’s a little disheartening to be this exhausted and see how much there’s still left to do. I’ve been feeling a bit like Sisyphus these days, endlessly rolling my boulder uphill, waiting for it to stop.

The responsibilities don’t stop, but thankfully I can take breaks, and today I took a lovely break by re-watching some episodes of Parks & Rec. I’m in love with this show. I’ve watched it in its entirety several times already, but I keep coming back to it because it’s funny and heartwarming and honestly, motivating. It’s hard to watch Leslie Knope and not feel inspired to get your life together. Sure, my lunch break went on a little too long today because I got sucked into the plot and watched a few too many episodes, but it was a nice break, and I was still crazy productive today, so I’ve decided I’m not going to give myself a hard time about it. Take that, shame brain.

Finally, I just have a few words on gratitude. I know I’ve been bitching a lot in these blog posts lately, and for good reason. Life has been so intense, and I think it’s cathartic and important to bitch about stuff sometimes. But at the same time, I would be remiss not to mention how much help and support my husband and I are getting right now, from both friends and family. Financial support, emotional support, we’ve received it all, and I could not be more grateful. It’s crazy to me that so many people care about us and our wellbeing and that they are willing to sacrifice their own resources, whatever those may be, to help us replenish ours. I feel so loved, and I want to document that alongside the hardships. Even when life is hard, life is good.

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