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All About Healthy Sleep, on HealthyPlace

This week, I made a video about healthy sleep, and how to tell if you’re getting it when you have a mental illness. I take a LOT of naps, and it’s really easy to feel ashamed of that, like it’s inherently wrong because I *shouldn’t* be tired throughout the day. But, like…I am. And I’m learning that that’s okay sometimes.

The fact is, simply existing with a mental illness is exhausting. You are constantly fighting your brain, and sometimes even doing small things can really take it out of you. In this case, taking a nap is nothing to be ashamed of, and is even a healthy way to cope with mental illness. But sometimes my naps aren’t so healthy. Sometimes I’m not even tired, I just don’t want to be a person anymore, and sleeping is a temporary way to accomplish that.

To hear me ramble about this in person, check out my latest post (with video at the end) on HealthyPlace: How to Know if You’re Getting Healthy Sleep in Recovery.

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