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Life Update: Just Call Me Karen, I Got a Minivan

Hey folks, here is another short life update post because things have been too insane for me to sit down and really write anything this entire weekend. Today’s time-consuming adulting event was buying a car! But not just any car…I am officially a soccer mom, because we bought a minivan.

I’ve always wanted a big family, so I’m actually very okay with the whole minivan thing. I know some people freak out or buy an SUV to delay the inevitable, but I was never under the impression that I would make it past 30 without being a proud minivan owner given how many kids we plan on having (3-5, btw). So I may joke about being an official Karen soccer mom now, but really, I’m psyched. We’ve been functioning with just one vehicle the past two weeks, and it’s been brutal. Truly, my heart goes out to people without decent transportation. It just makes everything 8 million times harder. But now I can get myself around, go to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store without having to meticulously plan when I will and won’t have a car to do those things, and I’m so relieved.

Okay, that’s really it for today’s post. Sadly tomorrow will probably be another quick update, but Tuesday I will have a HealthyPlace video to share, so keep your eyes out for that, and thank you everyone for your patience as I try to survive BEDS while also juggling like 10 flaming batons of adulting bullshit.

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