Life in your 20s
20-something miseries, things you might find funny

Life In Your 20s Is Just Being Violently Thrown Back and Forth Between Thriving and Surviving

I love being an adult. I love having my own house, I love working, I love making meal plans, I love growing and healing from past issues, just all around, adulthood is a huge step up from teenagerdom.

I also hate being an adult. I hate doing dishes, I hate never feeling like I’m working hard enough, I hate the constant battle to grow and heal from past issues, and most of all, I hate putting out a new financial fire every single month.

Seriously, how is it possible that my husband and I have had a 4-figure financial emergency every. single. month. since buying our house in March? We went a full year with almost no major expenses, which is how we saved up enough for a down payment so fast, but the moment we blow all our savings on our own home, there’s a huge financial crisis every 30 days.

First, it was the furnace in our new home. Despite being inspected and working just fine, it was mysteriously broken when we actually moved in, and needed fixed immediately in order for the carpet guys to actually lay the carpet (did you know carpet needs to be installed at 70 degrees or it won’t stretch right? Yeah, me neither).

Then it was my car, which, admittedly, was kind of my fault. I’d known for a year that I needed new tires and I was putting it off because tires are freaking expensive, until one day my tires just kind of exploded. So that expense couldn’t be ignored anymore, and of course when I went to get the tires replaced they said I needed new rotors as well. I’m sure I was being scammed, but I’d learned my lesson about putting off car repairs the hard way and I wasn’t keen on making that mistake again, so boom, another 4-figure emergency.

Most recently, we’re juggling major car issues (like, we need to buy a new car ASAP kind of issues) and minor baby issues (everything is almost definitely fine, don’t panic) that are throwing even more financial bombs our way.

Every month, we look at our finances and say “Okay, this month was nuts, but next month we should really be able to get back to saving, hurray!” Only to be met with YET ANOTHER emergency. It sucks to feel like you did all this careful financial planning to buy a house in your 20s, you saved and scrimped and lived with your in-laws for a year, only to have adult life kick you in the teeth with all kinds of emergencies that you couldn’t have humanly possibly planned for.

Then there are days where adult life feels glorious. Days when I make a healthy dinner AND wash the dishes AND prep leftovers for the next day. Days when I actually get in a solid 5 or 6 hours of paid work and feel like I’m contributing to our endless financial woes. Days when someone asks me for my opinion and then proceeds to take my response seriously because despite feeling like I’m forever 17, other people see me as a competent, reliable adult.

I’m beginning to think that this is just what life in your 20s is like. Instability, chaos, and an intense love-hate relationship with your daily reality. So I’m coping the only way I know how: oversharing with strangers on the internet.

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