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Overtone Coloring Conditioner Review with Pictures: My Experience with Limited Edition Coral

I am so psyched to be reviewing this product because I’ve been waffling over whether or not I wanted to try it for literally years now. I finally caved, so I’m writing a review because it’s so hard to know if products like these actually freaking work or not. As a note, this post is in no way affiliated or sponsored. I received no money or compensation of any kind from Overtone or their competitors, and all the opinions expressed are my genuine thoughts about the product.

Okay! With that out of the way, I present to you: my Overtone Color Conditioner review!!

Why I’m Trying Overtone:

About a month ago, I got my hair professionally dyed an awesome coral/orange color:

Professional orange hair dye

Then, after a month of wash and wear, it faded to this:

Pre-Overtone hair

I loved the orange, but I can’t really afford to get my hair done every month. In the past, this meant I’d just run over to Sally’s and buy whatever dye was on sale, but that habit has pretty much destroyed my hair. My hair is incredibly fine, thin, and porous, partially because that’s just how it is, and partially because of my obsession with hair dye. I wanted a way to dye my hair without damaging it, and the most popular product I’d heard of for that purpose was Overtone. Overtone is color-depositing conditioner, and supposedly it makes your hair healthier while also dyeing it, so I thought I’d spare my hair some trauma and give it a try.

They were offering a limited edition Coral color that seemed perfect, so I ordered the full package. For $47, I got a tub of the coloring conditioner, a large bottle of daily conditioner, and a travel sized bottle of daily conditioner.

Before I dig into my feelings on the product and show you how it turned out, you should know that if you have especially thick or healthy hair, there’s a good chance you won’t get the same results I did. The Overtone may take hold on your hair even better, or it could be significantly less effective. The more fur-like your hair is, the more likely you will see results similar to mine, because I have repeatedly been told my hair feels like rabbit fur.

First Impressions:

My first impression of the coloring conditioner was “OMG SO PRETTY.” Seriously, the orange was so vibrant and beautiful in the tub.

On the other hand, I also had a pretty strong first impression of the smell, and it wasn’t so positive. I think it smells kind of like eucalyptus? For some people, that might be a great thing, but eucalyptus is one of my least favorite scents on earth, so that took a little getting used to.


The feel of the product is creamy but still light—think somewhere between whipped cream and yogurt. It felt nice, honestly, and it was super easy to apply. From start to finish, it took about 15 minutes to apply the coloring conditioner to my full head of hair.

Overtone hair color process

Like I said before, my hair is very fine and thin, so that speeds up the process. If your hair is thicker, I imagine it will take longer. It took a fairly small amount to cover all of my hair, probably not even one-tenth of the tub, which is nice. That means I have plenty of uses left, meaning I’ll probably get a decent bang for my buck.


I let the color set on my hair for about 20 minutes (a bit longer than recommended, just to make sure the color really soaked in), then rinsed it out in nice, hot water because Overtone says there’s no need to rinse their products out with cold water, which is a huge plus for me, a notorious cold water baby. When all was said and done, it came out like this:

Post-Overtone hair color

Is it as good as the professional dye? No, but is it just as good as what I would have done with dye from Sally’s? Absolutely.

Hair Feel:

So if the color from Overtone is the same as it would be with dye from Sally’s, then it really comes down to how my hair feels. After dying my own hair with traditional methods, it typically feels slightly straw-like. With Overtone, my hair feels silky, like I just deep-conditioned with honey and coconut oil. I honestly think I got this awesome color without doing any extra damage to my hair. This is GREAT news for me, because I’m a total hair dye junkie. I want to change my hair color every six weeks. With Overtone, I think I can do exactly that, without frying every fine, wispy hair right off my head. Plus, it won’t break the bank the way going to a stylist does.

What About the Daily Conditioner?

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the daily conditioner! It has the same vibrant color as the coloring conditioner, and it also deposits a small amount of color, but not nearly as much. Then again, I applied it to wet hair after shampooing, and only left it on for two or three minutes instead of 20. It has the same funky smell as the coloring conditioner, which definitely isn’t my favorite, but isn’t so big a deal that I don’t want to use it.

Color Longevity:

Overtone recommends using the daily conditioner, that’s right, you guessed it, daily, and using the coloring conditioner once per week. I noticed that the color faded by about 50% after three washes with my regular shampoo (Malibu C Scalp Wellness Shampoo) and the daily conditioner. I wish the color lasted a little longer, but for the price, it’s not bad. If you hate the process of dying your hair, then regular dye might be a better idea because you won’t have to do it as often, but if you don’t mind spending 15 minutes dyeing your hair once a week, Overtone is a great option in my book.


Overall, I gotta give Overtone a 10 out of 10. It did exactly what I wanted it to, which is keep my hair looking vibrant without completely frying it. If you’re looking for a moderately inexpensive way to enjoy fun hair colors without ruining your hair, I highly recommend Overtone. I will almost definitely be trying out different colors in coming months, so if you’re interested in updates, just let me know!

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