100 follower giveaway
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100 Follower Giveaway!

GUYS. 100 of you follow this blog. That is so freaking amazing and wonderful and more than I could have hoped for when I started this blog just a few months ago. As a big thank you, I’m doing a fun little giveaway! What am I giving away? 5 lucky winners will receive:

  • One of my original poems, typed on my 1920s Underwood typewriter and framed with sparkly washi tape
  • A miniature painting made by me
  • A book of poetry I’ve read and am ready to pass on to new, fresh eyes (may or may not contain excessive underlining and highlighting…I make no apologies)
  • A colorful Stabilo pen (my absolute favorite brand for bullet journaling!)
  • A personalized thank you note from me

To enter for a chance to win, just comment below with a topic you’d like to see me write about! You have an excellent chance of winning just by commenting, so please do! The comments will close at the end of July 2019, when I will randomly select 5 winners. Thank you again for following this blog, I appreciate it so much.

4 thoughts on “100 Follower Giveaway!”

  1. So I guess this one fits in your 20-something miseries category. Sometimes it’s really difficult to know whether you’re in the right place or doing the right things long term or not. So I’d appreciate any tips, insight or anything you could give on that whole process 🙂


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