Bullet journal and mental illness
mental health

Bullet Journals and Mental Illness on HealthyPlace

I can’t even explain how much my bullet journal has improved my life as someone with mental illness, but I tried in my latest video for HealthyPlace: “5 Reasons the Bullet Journal Helps Those with Mental Illness.” Before I started bullet journaling, I missed meetings regularly, racked up several late payment fees, and constantly felt like I was playing catch-up. Now, things aren’t perfect, but I make it to most of my appointments and pay, like, 90% of my bills on time. Plus, I’ve been able to stick with it — next week marks one full year of bullet journaling (keep your eyes peeled for a video coming soon detailing some of my favorite pages and spreads, plus some of my more disastrous ones). The bullet journal is a great system for all kinds of people, but I think it has some unique advantages that make it especially great for people dealing with mental illness. Check out the link to find out more!

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