Helpful or unhelpful: a more effective approach to recovery
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Finding a More Effective Approach to Recovery on HealthyPlace

I’m so excited to make this post because I FINALLY found a way to move forward in recovery. In therapy the other day, my therapist and I talked about whether certain behaviors I have are helpful or unhelpful. This might sound incredibly simple, because it is, but I’ve honestly never thought of my life like that before. It’s always been good or bad, right or wrong, okay or utterly unacceptable. No matter how much I realized this was dysfunctional, I’ve never had a better way of organizing my understanding of things, so I couldn’t really change it. But now…boom! Helpful or unhelpful is a far less judgmental way to think of myself and my actions, and it allows me to actually change them without having a complete and total breakdown about being “bad” or “wrong.” If this sounds familiar, feel free to read more in my HealthyPlace article: Helpful or Unhelpful? A More Effective Approach to Recovery.

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