How to be honest in therapy
mental health

Tips for Being Honest in Therapy on HealthyPlace

This week I published a post on HealthyPlace all about opening up in therapy: 3 Tips for Being Honest in Therapy. Even though I really want to tell my therapist what’s going on, a lot of the time I find myself telling white lies to make myself sound better. But that doesn’t help because it doesn’t let her see what my situation is really like, which means the help and advice she gives me won’t be as useful. There are lots of other reasons people (including me) struggle to be honest in therapy, and I tried to address some of them at the beginning of this article, but the majority of it is focused on advice for moving forward and being as honest as you can be.

If you’re considering starting therapy, that’s wonderful! You might find my series on How to Find a Therapist helpful, and you can always send me a message through my contact page if you want to talk about it. It’s a big step, but it’s an important one for many of us. Fight the stigma and get the help you need ❤

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