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More Info About Resisting Recovery on HealthyPlace

My Resisting Recovery series on continues! This time I talk about the times when we resist recovery because we’re sick of trying to be perfect. Most people with mental illness try to disguise their illness or their symptoms for fear of judgment, but eventually reach a breaking point where they just can’t keep holding it together for everyone else’s convenience anymore. After that point, it can be hard to recover sometimes because we are so resistant to going back into hiding. Recovery is really about working with your brain to create a healthier, happier life, but sometimes it can feel like people just want you to be “normal” again. Things like doing yoga, eating well, and getting enough sleep can be huge steps toward recovery for some people, but many of us resist them because doing those things feels like we’re just hiding our symptoms again. But the truth is, those things don’t hide symptoms, they improve and reduce them. Read more in my most recent post—Resisting Recovery: When You’re Sick of Trying to Be Perfect.

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