Sycamore tree
20-something miseries

12 Truths

  1. Until you’re dead, you’re alive. So live, whatever that looks like today.
  2. Witness is the best form of love. See each other.
  3. We are not our pain, or our reaction to it. People say “it’s how you handle the bad things that define who you are.” I call bullshit. Sometimes you’re going to cope poorly, hurt people or yourself, and to say that how you act when you’re wounded and bleeding out is “who you are” is absurd. You are who you are always, good, bad, and otherwise.
  4. Wear red lipstick.
  5. Ice cream will not make you feel whole or numb your pain like you want it to, but it is delicious. Let that be enough.
  6. Temporary does not mean unimportant or not real.
  7. Watch Disney movies. Yes, Disney is becoming a terrifying conglomerate, but Disney movies are colorful and lovely and let you get in touch with your inner child, a being you so desperately need to care for.
  8. Whole-hearted enthusiasm is underrated. Love what you love unapologetically.
  9. Strength is not one universal thing. Your strength may carry you miles one day, and another it will allow you to crawl an inch. On both days you are strong.
  10. The media you consume does affect you. Be aware of what you’re taking in.
  11. Give your mama a break. She loves you and you know it.
  12. Give a shit. Care about the world around you, the people who aren’t you. It’s easy to forget others, to forget the issues in the world that don’t affect your daily life, or worse, to dismiss them as not real. Be actively empathetic, learn about the world and care.

Do you have 12 truths? This was my favorite exercise as a teacher. People are achingly brilliant and unique, so share your truths in the comments, or send them to me anonymously on my tumblr and let me know if it’s okay to publish them in a group of anonymous truths.

** Inspired by Anne Lamott’s TED talk, which you can view here. **


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