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Drinking Water is Hard, And Other Reasons I’m Not a Real Adult

I recently started up a new bullet journal, and I decided to keep track of how much water I drink. Supposedly, that whole 8 glasses a day thing isn’t true, you’re just supposed to drink water when you’re thirsty, which makes sense to me except then I think I would die.

Unless I make a little H2O chart and actively think about the fact that there will be a record of my abysmal water-drinking skills if I don’t go downstairs and get a drink right now, I don’t drink any water. I’ve had several days where, instead of filling in my cute little bar graph, or making a dot for my line graph, or highlighting something or another, I’ve had to make a note that just says “zero.”

Bullet journal page with bujo water tracker

There are a lot of things about adult life that I still haven’t gotten the hang of quite yet. I’m not talking about the big things like paying taxes or keeping your cool when your boss is upset—those things have a significant learning curve and everyone finds them difficult (everyone I know at least). I mean that in the month of July, I ate a seven vegetables. Seven. In August I had eight. “Wash car” has been on my to-do list since the end of May, and I still haven’t made photo albums from my wedding, which was over a year ago at this point.

Have you all heard of this new life-stage called “emerging adulthood”? Basically, instead of going straight from adolescent to adult, during your 20s you’re an emerging adult. Even though that feels vaguely patronizing, it’s so much more accurate.

I have no idea how to be a full adult, who wakes up at 6am every day or does laundry before the pile on top of the hamper is just as tall as the hamper itself. I can’t even drink a glass of water unless I know there’s some kind of box to check, a sense of accomplishment to earn.

I’m learning how to do things for myself. With no one watching, no one counting on me, just…doing it because it needs done, because it’s part of being healthy and happy and successful. I want to eat vegetables, I feel a million times better when I do, and I would have loved to flip through a wedding album with my husband on our first anniversary. But I don’t get showered with others’ approval for doing those things. No one gets upset with me if I don’t do those things. Those are things I have to do for myself. And to do that, I have to respect myself as an authority worth doing things for.

At least, I think so. Who knows, maybe that’s an immature viewpoint too. Maybe I’m not supposed to think that things are only worth doing if there’s an authority who needs them done, even if that authority is me.

What do you think? What kind of mindset do you think you need to achieve to feel like a “real adult”? How many vegetables do you eat?


2 thoughts on “Drinking Water is Hard, And Other Reasons I’m Not a Real Adult”

  1. Love, love, love!! I have a hard time with drinking water- I bought a insulated metal couple and straw so it stays super cold but it’s not my favorite. Vegetables have gotten easier as I’ve gotten older because I make them in my terms- usually roasted or grilled- not canned or over steamed and mushy like veggies were served when I was a kid! I still do not like salads- even if I make them fancy with other stuff I like, just not my thing and it’s okay.


    1. Exactly, I’m finding ways to sneak veggies into my food, like putting corn in my tacos, lol. I hate veggies so much, but obviously I need them. The water thing is so hard for me too (obviously). I got a Hufflepuff tumblr for Christmas, so that helps because I love it so I keep drinking out of it.


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